- 100% godswords, with specials, still working on zgs with freeze on npcs, other then that they are 100% pvp- Kills store is now the pvp store inwhich you can buy with gp- added pvp armors, 100% bonus from rs- added spirit shields, 100% bonus from rs, divine and elsyan have effects during pvp, not npc yet- dragon claws do 4 hits per 1 spec, 2 spec per bar now, and reduced damage- redid kbd drops- can now sell rares back to the store to get money back.

- A new point system and interface to "buy" experience. - All Skills will be included into this - Will not be released untill Client V2.0 is out. - First player to obtain a certain amount of experience or levels to get a prize. - A new "Goal"^^ will be released to get new prizes after this "goal" is done with.(more will be explained when it happens) - More advanced npcs - Will include the following areas: - A set of Npcs will be done at a time, to reduce time and take more thinking into the npcs. - Redone defence, attack, strength on the npcs(makes them hit harder, and more resistence). - Clipping will be introduced in about 2 months to help glitching. - more is coming soon.

WEBSITE Future Updates: - New website layout - Taking out the pictures from the CSS coding and replacing with custom ones. - New fourm colors. -More coming soon.