• ::players = How many people are on(with names)
  • ::shops = A place to go buy armour and weapons and stuff
  • ::rules = The rules
  • ::alchs = Gives you mage bows, runes and fire staff to high alch the bows
  • ::chest = when you kill all barrows brothers, go there to claim your reward
  • ::fcguide = A guide to easily get the firecape
  • ::theive = The place to go theiving and level up/make money
  • ::drags = !Warning! In wilderness, use dragonfire shield and watch out for pkers
  • ::skill = takes you to the place to do non-combat skills
  • ::train2 = A place for people to train when you reach level 70+
  • ::yell = type ::yell and then your text for the entire server to hear
  • ::cammy = teleport to camelot
  • ::varock = teleport to varock(or use ::shops)
  • ::lumby = teleport to lumbridge
  • ::fally = teleport to falador
  • ::ardy = teleport to ardougne